2020 Rules


  • All students in grades 9 - 12 who are currently enrolled in a chartered Ohio high school are eligible
  • Artwork must be entered under the auspices of that high school.
  • No holdovers of former 12th grade students are allowed.
  • No collaborative works or group projects.

Types of Artworks Accepted

  • Any media, any size may be entered. All entries must be original artworks.
  • Note: Large and fragile items may not be accepted by a regional director if there is any question about the item surviving necessary shipping and handling.
  • Works deemed "inappropriate" for public display (by building management where the displays occur) may not be exhibited. Works that are too large or unstable may also not be exhibited.
  • Assistance may be asked of teacher in transporting to state judging and return and setting up at the state exhibition site April 6 - April 10, 2020
  • Recommended video length is 5 minutes or less.
  • Videos: Recommended video length is 5 minutes or less. Video entries that exceed 5 minutes may not be viewed in the entirety by regional and state judges. Teachers and students should be careful to document or provide credits for any unoriginal music or images used in videos or websites. Original music is strongly recommended due to the tightening of copyright laws. The exhibition cannot be held responsible for plagiarism in student artwork. *** All videos or other time-based media must be submitted on DVD's or flash drive. Additionally, video entries must be posted online (we recommend Vimeo or YouTube) and a URL must be provided. Use the medium line on the entry form to neatly write or type the URL address.


  1. Drawing
  2. Painting
  3. Photography
  4. Printmaking
  5. Ceramics/Glass
  6. Sculpture/Installation***
  7. Jewelry/Enameling
  8. Fibers/Wearable Art
  9. Short Film/Video
  10. Digital Media/Computer Art
  11. Commercial Art
  12. Mixed Media

*** Installation art can be entered in the form of a video or photographic documentary for large-scale or environmental work.

Where to Enter

  • Teachers and/or students may take artwork to any regional location in the state on the date listed for regional judging. See "Regional Sites"

Online Registration (Click link provided on Home Page)

  • NEW FOR 2020 is a required online registration for all students entering the competition.
    This registration will collect basic student information and will not include specifics about their artworks/entries. All students entering will need to register by February 28, 2020. All artworks entered will still require completed entry forms as in past years.

Entry Forms (See Forms page)

  • DO NOT use previous forms. Use one of the two version of the 2020 Entry Form:
  • Teachers and students, please be sure that all fields are filled in regardless of the form you choose to use. If a selected work has an unreadable or incomplete entry form an alternative artwork may be selected.
  • Word Document Entry Form (contains letter boxes for hand printing) - Use this version to print, Xerox, and then hand-write information into the form. TEACHERS: When using this form, print it from the computer and then fill out all basic school information IN BOLD INK before making copies for students. Students can fill in their information with RED or BLUE ink, so it stands out from school information.
  • Entry Form for Typing - Use this form to type all information before printing the form.
    When using this form, fill out all basic school information and do a "save as" to save a new pdf to share with students. Students can then type in their personal information to complete the form for printing.
  • ATTACH the completed form to work of art by the top part only, so that the lower two parts of the entry form may be cut away.
  • A parent/guardian signature is required for students under the age of 18.
  • Photo Release Form - Complete this form for EACH recognizable person in photo and video entries. This form may be photocopied. Attach to the back of the artwork.


  • The student and parents assume all responsibility for insurance coverage of all artwork entered in the Ohio Governor's Youth Art Exhibition, the State Department display, and the Governor's Office display.
  • Student/parent must release photographic rights to Ohio Governor's Youth Art Exhibition for purposes of education and/or publicity. This includes the right of the Exhibition to post your art work on its website.
  • The release statement must be signed, by the student and parent/guardian, before any work may be accepted.
  • The exhibition cannot be held responsible for plagiarism in student artwork. Please read new policy on copyright / fair use in student artwork. click here to read

Preparation of Artwork

  • All flat work (prints, watercolors, drawings, etc.) may be submitted in mat form for the regional and state judgings, but must be framed to be displayed at the James A. Rhodes State Office Tower.

    • It is recommended that flat works be protected by a clear covering such as plastic attach entry form on the outside of covering.
    • Flat works accepted for the exhibition must be returned by the date listed, framed in a basic-style frame so that the work may be viewed with minimal distraction.

  • Batiks and other fibers must be ready to hang by an attached rod, wire, or string included.
  • Paintings and framed flat works must be ready to hang with wire attached no more than one third (1/3) from the top of the work. This will help the work lay flat against the wall.
  • Each student may enter 5 (five) pieces. A series counts as one piece (see bottom of page for directions on how to enter a series).
  • Glass is permitted, but not recommended (it may become cracked or broken). It is best to use plexiglass for framed items.
  • Sand, mulch, and glitter may not be included as part of 3-dimensional set ups or displays.
  • Three dimensional work may not include sand or mulch as part of its set-up or display.

Regional/State Judgings

  • All works accepted in the regional judgings will be submitted to the state judging.
  • No local teachers or regional directors may serve as jurors in the judgings.
  • The decisions of the jurors are final.
  • All work must be judged.

The exhibition will consist of those works selected from the state judging. Three hundred (300) works in all categories will be awarded certificates. Twenty-five (25) of these will be selected for the Governor's Award of Excellence. The teachers of the Top 25 works will receive awards of excellence for their teaching contributions and will also be asked to write statements, with their student, about the winning art work.

State Department and Governor's Office Display

  • Approximately 50 works will be selected for display at the Ohio Department of Education and the Governor's Office in Columbus. In most cases these works need to be framed for the state judging in order to be considered.
  • Awards will be given at the opening for the State Department and Governor's Office Displays.

Regional Inventory List

  • Each school will submit to its regional exhibition director a list of students and number of individual art pieces entered at its regional judging. (Form included in packet.)
  • Each piece will have a $2.00 entry fee.
  • All entry fees should be collected and paid by one check, if possible.
  • The check needs to be given to the regional director on the day of judging.
  • This fee has been approved by the Governor's Office and the Advisory Board of Directors.
  • Each student may enter 5 pieces. (A series is one piece. See bottom for details)

Accepted Works - State Judging

  • Students will receive notification by mail if their work has been accepted for the exhibition and/or the state display.
  • Invitations to the brunch and awards ceremony will be sent to the student, with a copy to be given to the instructor. The mailing will follow the state judging.
  • Note: Works accepted for the State Exhibitions must be exhibited for the entire exhibition. No early removal of artworks will be allowed, under any circumstances.

Unaccepted Works - State Judging

  • These works will be returned via regional directors for pickup at the regional sites on a date and time arranged by that director.
  • We cannot store artwork and are not responsible for any works not picked up during designated pick-up times.

Return of Exhibition/Display Works

  • Artworks will be returned on the day following the exhibition closing via regional director Students who entered works in the Central Region must pick up their work at the exhibition site.
  • Check the date/time of pick up from your regional location.

The Opening Day

  • This day will begin with an awards ceremony, followed by viewing of the exhibition.
  • In attendance at these events will be students, teachers, parents, supporters of the arts, jurors, college representatives and many other interested patrons of the arts.
  • All are welcome at the opening and awards ceremony!

2020 Rules for Entering a Series

  • A 2-D series can contain a maximum of five pieces. This restriction is the result of lost wall space at the Rhodes Tower. A series of more than 5 pieces will not be judged.
  • A series of works that is entered as a single work of art (with a $2.00 entry fee) must be properly labeled as such. If a series is entered as one piece it will be judged as a group and will not be broken up by jurors. In other words, the jurors will be forced to accept all or none when it comes to series work. This new rule has been issued and approved by the Board of Directors in order to avoid confusion as to the total number of works that a student is entering. A student who enters more than five works may be disqualified from competition, therefore it is imperative that a series counting as one entry is clearly labeled as such.
  • How to correctly enter a series: The entry forms on a series of work (2-dimensional) must be attached to the back of each piece in the series. The title for all of the pieces in the series must be the same, but with a number at the end of the title. In the size lines of the entry form provide the size (or average size) of one piece and add (series of #). See example below:
  • Example for filling out the title lines of the entry form for a series of five drawings:

    • Title: "Ohio Landscape" (1 of 5)
    • Title: "Ohio Landscape" (2 of 5)
    • Title: "Ohio Landscape" (3 of 5)
    • Title: "Ohio Landscape" (4 of 5)
    • Title: "Ohio Landscape" (5 of 5)

  • Example for filling out the size lines of the entry form for the above series example:

    • Size: 18" x 24" (series of 5).

  • Entering a three-dimensional series: Typically a series of 3-dimensional works (like a series of 5 ceramic vessels) are displayed in such a way that jurors do not question them as individual works. Therefore, a 3-dimensional series can be entered with a single entry form as has been done in past years.
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