Please read the guidelines carefully for new changes and procedures as we transition to online entering and jurying.

Eligibility (who can enter)

  • All students in grades 9-12 who are currently enrolled in an Ohio high school are eligible.
  • Artwork must be entered under the auspices of that high school.
  • No holdovers of former 12th grade students are allowed.
  • No collaborative works or group projects are allowed.

Where to Enter

  • All entries for 2024 will again be entered online through the ArtCall system. Go to
  • Online registration and image uploads will open Tuesday February 13 at 8:00 am and will close February 29 at 5:00 pm.
  • Artwork will still be juried within regions so it is vital that students and teachers know the correct region number for their geographic area. In the online entry process the term CATEGORY will refer to regional locations.

Submission Categories / Regional Judging Areas

Region 1 - Central - Fort Hayes MEC Region 9 - Eastern - Mid-East CTC
No region 2 for 2024. Region 2 schools have been distributed to region 3 and 4. Region 10 - Eastern - Indian Valley HS
Region 3 - North Central - Willard HS Region 11 - Eastern - Hubbard HS
Region 4 - Northwestern - Ada HS Region 12 - Western - Stivers School for the Arts
Region 5 - Northwestern - Napoleon HS Region 13 - South Central - Amanda Clearcreek HS
Region 6 - Northeastern - Gilmour Academy Region 14 - Southwestern - Milford HS
Region 7 - Northeastern - Jackson HS Region 15 - Southeastern - Athens HS
Region 8 - Northeastern - North Olmsted HS

Accepted Media / Sub-categories (what can be entered)

  • All entries must be original artworks.
  • Any media, any size may be entered, however regional directors may require a teacher or student to transport large and/or fragile items to and from the state exhibition site. Works that are too large, fragile, or unstable may also not be exhibited.
  • Works deemed "inappropriate" for public display (by building management where the displays occur) may not be exhibited.

Media Subcategories

  1. Drawing
  2. Painting
  3. Photography
  4. Printmaking
  5. Ceramics/Glass
  6. Sculpture/Installation***
  7. Jewelry/Enameling
  8. Fibers/Wearable Art
  9. Video/short film/animation***
  10. Digital Media/Computer Art
  11. Commercial Art/Graphic Design
  12. Mixed Media

*** Installation art can be entered in the form of a video or photographic documentation.

*** Videos and time based media have a recommended length is 5 minutes or less. Video entries that exceed 5 minutes may not be viewed in their entirety by regional and state judges. Teachers and students should be careful to provide usage rights for any unoriginal music. Original music is strongly recommended due to copyright laws.

Additionally, video entries must be posted online (Vimeo or YouTube are recommended) and a URL must be provided in the "Linked Web Resource Field" during the online submission process. Video submissions should also upload one still frame as part of the submission.

Submission Process

  • Go to . Online registration and image uploads will open Tuesday February 13 at 8:00 am and will close Thursday February 29 at 5:00 pm.
  • Create a student account using your first and last name, your school email address and a password you create.
  • The email address you use will need to be able to receive emails from: If your school email does not allow you to receive emails from an outside source we recommend using a personal email instead.
  • Complete your user profile by filling in the required fields. This is information about you and your school. Students must type accurately with proper spelling and capitalization, the words they type will be what is used in the online gallery; it will not be corrected for them.
  • Complete "new application" details. This is where you enter information about your art entry, like the title and the medium. The first required field, Category, is your regional area.
  • You can add a "new application" up to five times (5 art entries is the maximum allowed). A series counts as one "application" or entry (see How to Enter a Series on the submission site).
  • Read the Terms of Agreement and check the box. Students under 18 years of age should obtain parental permission before entering artwork.
  • Purchase submission credits using a credit card. If you are entering multiple works it is best to purchase multiple credits (4 artworks = $8).
  • Upload your art image. See ArtCall site pages for tips on photographing your work and resizing image files. Do not enter anything into the URL box unless you are entering video, it is only for outside source VIDEO Links

Teacher Login and Dashboard

This luxury does not exist in the ArtCall system. Sorry. We ask that teachers do not create accounts and do not attempt to submit work for the students. One suggestion for teachers who want to know what their students have entered, is to have their students screenshot their submission page and email it to them. It will look like this:

teacher login and dashboard

Entering Work with more than one Teacher

For 2024 students will enter the name of their art teacher as part of the "application" (art submission) for the individual artwork rather than entering it as part of their "user profile." This will allow the same student to enter work with different teachers.

Entry Fees, Payment Process and Waivers

  • Each entered piece or "application" will have a $2.00 entry fee.
  • Each student may enter up to 5 pieces (a series is still one piece, see details for entering a series on the ArtCall submission site).
  • Entries are paid for during the online submission process with a credit card. Credits can be purchased in the system for those entering multiple works to avoid multiple transactions. Students should not change their User Name to a Parent Name because they are using their parent's credit card (in other words, the user account name does not need to match the name on the credit card).
  • Students who do not have access to a credit card or who cannot afford to pay the entry fees may be eligible to receive a waiver. Teachers of these students should contact their regional director for coupon codes.
  • Regional Inventory Forms are still available on the forms page of this website. Any teacher or school who will be making a direct payment for fees to the regional director must complete this form to accompany the entry fee check. Forms and checks must be delivered or mailed to regional directors prior to the jurying day.

Liability and Terms of Agreement

  • The student and parents assume all responsibility for insurance coverage of all artwork entered and displayed as part of the Ohio Governor's Youth Art Exhibition.
  • The student/parent must release photographic rights to Ohio Governor's Youth Art Exhibition for purposes of education and/or publicity. This includes the right of the Exhibition to post student artwork on its website.
  • All students will read and acknowledge understanding of the Terms of Agreement by checking a box during the online entry process. Students under 18 years of age should obtain parental permission before entering artwork.
  • The exhibition cannot be held responsible for plagiarism in student artwork. Please reference the policy on copyright / fair use on the submission website.

Regional and State Jurying

  • All artwork submitted by the deadline will be juried at the regional level. Regional directors are in charge of securing the jurors for their region. Regional directors and art teachers within the region may not serve as jurors.
  • A determined, unified percentage of each regions entries will be "juried in" and will move on to a second round of jurying at the state level. Regional Directors will notify students/teachers of the "regional winners" selected to move on to the state jurying.
  • The state judging will be held in Columbus. State jurors are secured by the Executive Director and are typically representatives from the sponsoring institutions.
  • Once made, the decisions of all the jurors are final, and cannot be challenged by students, parents or teachers

Unaccepted "Juried Out" Works

  • Following the state judging, all students who entered work will receive email notifications. A notification is sent for each individual entry. Unaccepted works will require no further action, unless it was a regional winner and there is a regional show.

Accepted "Juried In" Works

  • Following the state judging, all students who entered work will receive email notifications. A notification is sent for each individual entry. Accepted works will require further action (see preparation of accepted work below).
  • Invitations to the exhibition opening and awards ceremony will be mailed to the students who have accepted works.
  • All accepted artworks for the state exhibitions must be exhibited for the entire exhibition. No early removal of artworks will be allowed, under any circumstances.

Preparation of Accepted Artwork for the Exhibition

  • All flat, two-dimensional artwork must be framed to be displayed in the State Exhibition (including the State Department and Governor's Office displays). Plexiglass is preferred over glass for frames. An exception to framing can be made for paintings on canvas if the edge is painted. Flat, 2-D works must also be ready to hang with wire attached.
  • Batiks and other fibers must be ready to hang by an attached rod, wire, or string included.
  • Three dimensional work needs to be boxed or packed appropriately for safe moving to and from the exhibition site. 3-D artwork may not include sand or mulch as part of its set-up or display.
  • Attach your identification label. Accepted artworks will receive "juried in" emails. These emails will include a label (submission receipt) that is to be printed and attached to the back of your artwork or to the box containing your work. Please secure the label prior to delivery to your regional director/location.

Delivery of Accepted Works to the Exhibition via Regional Directors

  • Accepted artworks will be transported to the exhibition site in Columbus via the regional directors. Students will receive information as to the date and time for framed and packed works to be dropped off from the director of their region

The State Exhibition at the Rhodes Tower

  • The state exhibition will consist of those works selected from the state judging. Approximately 300 works total (across all sub-categories) will be selected. Twenty-five (25) of these will be selected for the Governor's Award of Excellence.

The State Department and Governor's Office Cameo Displays

  • Approximately 50 artworks will be selected for display at the Ohio Department of Education and the Governor's Office in Columbus. These displays are part of the state exhibition, but are not accessible to the public.

The Exhibition Opening and Awards Ceremony

  • This day will begin with an awards ceremony, followed by a viewing of the exhibition.
  • Scholarships and other awards will be presented during the ceremony. Students do not have to be in attendance to receive awards.
  • In attendance at these events will be students, teachers, parents, and other patrons of the arts.

Return of Artwork to Students following the Exhibition

  • Artworks will be returned following the exhibition closing via regional directors at their regional locations. Days and times for students/teachers to pick up artwork will be communicated from the directors.
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