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A warm invitation is extended to all secondary school art teachers to encourage interested students to enter the ninth annual ART CRITICISM OPEN. This is a writing contest open to all students in grades nine through twelve. The purpose of the contest is to give recognition to students for the quality of their writing about art. Winners will receive certificates of award and the top three winners will have their writings published in Ohio ArtLine, the state-wide publication of the Ohio Art Education Association.

A student's entry in the OHIO ART CRITICISM OPEN is to be a written critical inquiry into the meaning and aesthetic value of any original work of art. For example, a student may write about student artwork on display in the 2022 Ohio Governor's Youth Art Exhibition at the State Office Tower in Columbus, the writing may be about a professional artist's exhibit or student's work on display in the student's own school or community. Students are encouraged to base their writing on original artworks rather than reproduced images; original works provide access to richer information and allow the student to express their own ideas rather than reflect the opinions of critics and historians. The paper should demonstrate the student's ability to write art criticism, not their ability to do historical inquiry.

A student's critical inquiry should be no more than 800 words and be focused on one work of art. It should be typed and double spaced on 8 1/2 x 11" paper. The enclosed entry form must be completed, including both student and teacher signatures, and attached to the student's writing. The entry must be accompanied by a good-quality color photograph of the artwork about which the criticism is written. Send entries to Raymond Mueller, Fine Arts Consultant, Ohio Department of Education, Mail Stop 509, 25 South Front Street, Columbus, Ohio 43215-4183. Entries may also be e-mailed (attach entry) to

Entries must be postmarked no later than June 1, 2022. They will be reviewed by an impartial juror, or team of jurors, who will determine the best critical writing based on the following criteria; all relevant components of the art work are described and analyzed with discernment; interpretation of meanings are original, insightful, and reasonably based on evidence in the work; judgments use appropriate criteria; and general standards of good writing are met. First, second, and third place awards plus up to ten honorable mention awards will be given. Winning entries will be announced by November 2022.

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